Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
And I hope I have courage...

To her:

My dearest friend, forgive me for hurting you so. I'm sorry I could not change his heart to love you instead. I remember when we were in middle school and how we use to say no one can come between our friendship. We said guys were yucky and friendship was stronger. I didn't know how foolish we were then. I knew you loved him a lot, but I also knew he didn't have you in his heart. Though I too loved him, I could not show it. I care and love you more as a friend. I value our friendship more then any guy....even if it means I'll have to hurt him in the process so you can comfort him afterwards. Perhaps this way, he will learn to love you intead. Forgive me for lying to you that I do not love him. I know you care for him more then I ever i'm letting him go....I'll help him realize you're the one for him. I hope you don't think too much about it. In front of you I will always be strong, because I am...You're like my little sister I could never take anything away from you...

To Him:

Thank you for your love and kindness...But how can i return those emotions when I witnessed another love for you blossoming before my eyes? How could I when that very love belonged to my closest friend? I hope you understand... I know love can not be forced, but I also know the human heart can learn to realize who's really important. I believe she will be more of an impact in your life. She knows when you're sad, when you're happy, and when you hurt... She knows everything about you. I hope someday you can forgive this simple girl...I hope you will think of me no more...

And I hope I have courage...


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