Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
And most of all, I miss the friendship we once had.

Old friends...
And yet our friendship was set on fire. And we loved deeply...
Not a day went by I didn't remind her that I loved & appreciated her.
I offered her something genuine, something real.

Over time, I could feel her distance, it chilled me to the bone. I tried my best to reestablish our connection, but in vain. She left me for another, and even though my heart was broke, I tried to save our friendship as well. Where once I had a close friend I now found a distant acquaintance.
We still say "I love you" to each other, but the fire is gone. I love her unconditionally as my friend and I wish her happiness, but I simply can't do this anymore.

I'm vanishing from her life soon. I can't pretend she's the same friend I once had, when she's not. I'm sorry for doing this, and perhaps I'm immature for doing it. The love is still there, and maybe that's the problem...I know she'll never read this, but I want it to be witness to my genuine sorrow.

I sure do miss her, I miss the laugther we once shared. And most of all, I miss the friendship we once had.


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