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Im so sorry baby for cheating on u over spring break

Im so sorry baby for cheating on u over spring break. I cant imagine how hard it wuz for u to hear it from sumone that wuzent me. We were sweethearts eversince 6th grade. Somewere between the 7 months we officially were together, i feel in love with u. And i kno u loved me too. We talked everyday about things we never told no one else. No one knew me better then u. But at tha same time no one knew u like i did. Everyone thought we were goin to last. We were the perfect example of a perfect couple. I cant belive i lost u, my one true love. I admit i cried a lot after we broke up and wen i did or saw things that reminded me of u or us. If there is ANYTHING i can do to get u back........i dount care wut it is......ill do it. Please take me back


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