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Am I a fool to do this act of love?

His little girl

I was your 17 year old friend and knew u for 4 years we shared feelings and thoughts and then I gave u my gift from God, my virginity I thought u loved me but I am only 18 and you are 33 things in life never make sense and maybe u weren't the one but you will be with me forever. Forever i will be tormented with memories and dreams of you my heart will never belong to another. People fall hard but i fell to hard to fast and now it seems all u wanted was a piece of ass. We still hang and do all that freaky shit but... Am I a fool for still thinking these things love or lust? Should I keep giving or give up on your trust? I love you my spirit can rest in your arms, my soul I would give to you but.... Am I a fool to do this act of love? You said you had alot of feelings for me then when do I get a turn to be only your girl? Will it ever come? Questions like these go thru my mind everyday so if you ever read this.... I'll be here waiting wherever life may take me to I'll be here waiting. Wherever I go you'll be there with me, forever you'll be right here with me. I love you brotha', friend, confidant, everything i know now your my everything.

Love from the deep depths of my soul. Bye.


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