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I lost my love because of my pride and glory

have you ever loved someone so much yet u are so young that you dont even know what love is i am 17. i lost my love because of my pride and glory. well i got stripped of both when she left for another guy. she tore me into to. always love the one that matter the most you never know how much you love them untill they are gone. and guys if you are reading this always trust and love your girlfriend i am a guy myself so just love them and treat them well dont be like me and lose the only one you love to your pride i guess i am sorry i am not a perfact guy i tryed to be for her but in the end she did not love me for who i was. so still to this day i apologys and i will always. guys always say your sorry even if it is not your faught just do what you can to keep them if any guys are reading this email me so i know that someone acually cares about what i am typing

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