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How i wish we had stayed friends

how i wish we had stayed friends>>> then maybe i would of seen the real u. yeah im still hurting cause u shut me out when i needed you the most.. i never hurt u.. i was upfront and truthfull from the start.. u gained my trust and held me tight saying things would be right.. u walked in to my life and stamped on my heart.. all the signs were there but i didnt wanna belive it..cause i thought u were so like me.. why keep pushing sumone away if you love em.? you said u needed time to think.. u thought maybe u werent ready for a relationship.. but u knew what u was doing.. lieing and playing me for a fool now im 6 months pregnant.. and u have vanished .. leaving me to pick up the peices...i feel so alone cause i never really thought u would do this to me.. sleepin around.. u even looked me in the face and said u werent doing nothing wrong.. that i needed to chill out and trust u talking to other girls yeah im sorry..>> im sorry for ever giving u a chance..


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