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When u shaked my hand,i felt something that i've nvr felt b4

Its been 5 yrs when we met in college.I still remember the time when my friends call u,u were near the stairs w/ ur other friend.When u shaked my hand,i felt something that i've nvr felt b4,i'm sweating,i'm so nervous and i dnt know y.From then,we became friends,we hang out,we ate snacks at the canteen w/ my other friends.It feels really great when were 2gther.Until the time u called me at my house and tell me how u feel 4 me.U said f u can court me?At that moment i'm the happiest girl n the whole world coz deep inside i know that i jst dnt like u,I LOVE YOU!!!But i refused u,i'd told u that i'm not ready yet into a relationship & f i'm going 2 have a suitor,it should only be 1 & u also knw from the fact that some1s courting me that time.& i told u that i dnt want 2 let some1 court me & let him wait 4 nothing(YES i knw that's the silly reason u've ever heard).After we talked,i felt so bad,i felt so stupid,i let the chance passed by to be w/ u 4 the rest of my life.(sembreak)I'm already w/ some1 & the funny thing was,he's not the 1st guy who courted me.It happened like this... I'm really tired of telling to my self that i should only entertain only 1 suitor.I ate my pride,i called u in ur house to tell u that i really love you & i want u 2 be my boyfriend.But no1 answered the phone,so i tried to call u at ur cellphone,i tried how many times coz u'r not answering.I tried once more & at last u anwered it.But suddenly u'r not the 1 on line,i asked the lady,f i can talk 2 u,she told me that u switched phones & u'r not there & f i need to tell u something i can jst leave my message to her & she will bring it up 2 u later,coz she told me that she's u'r girlfriend.That moment i felt so sad,i dnt knw what 2 think,i dnt knw what 2 say,i felt so alone...I cried,cry like i'm never gonna cry again...Day passed by,i'm w/ my friend & we went 2 the mall,& i told her to call her friend which is actually my phonepal...2 hang w/ us to the mall & we ageed that f he say this "word" i'm gonna accept him as my boyfriend.After an hour this guy came to us & told me that "word".So i have 2 follow our deal.Couple weeks later..We went to school 4 registration,God,i saw u again & u look the same from the 1st time i saw u.U look so happy,u sitted next to me,& asked me,how am i,f do i have a boyfriend.& i said yes,i saw the angry in ur face & i was so shocked that you punched the arm chair.U said to me that,you thought i'm not ready yet into a relationship.I answered you back,& i told you that i tried to call you last time but its like somebody using your cellphone & she told me that she is ur girlfriend.& u said NO to me,u told me that she's not ur girlfriend,she's ur cousin!!!I dnt know what will i feel,i maybe felt happy to find out that u'r really single but at the same time i also felt bad & sad.Bad,coz i ddnt even think 2 ask u 1st,f is it true,f u'r commited 2 some1.At the same time sad,coz now i know u'r not commited 2 any1 but i am. Sorry for not letting u knw how i really 4 u from the beggining...
Sorry for being so unfair...
Sorry... the only word i can say...


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