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they both tell me they are sorry for hurting me

Im so confused and so twisted.. I was with a guy for 3 years...when one day I walked in and he said I dont have his heart someone else did...I was so lost confused and upset.. I said I just want you to be happy if being happy means without me.. I had a miscarriage by him that same month..he didnt know.. well I tried to move on and I found somebody else weve been together 2 years now and we have a beautiful daughter that just turned one...well he left to go to afghanastan to try to better our family..well while he was here he was doing me wrong and cheating on me the whole time I was pregnant and after I had the baby.. anyways.. after he left I went back to my old flame (the one I was talking about in the beginning) and talked to him about old times and checked on him to make sure he was ok because I missed him and I still loved we got to talking and I told him about my miscarriage...we both were crying and he told me "Im so sorry for hurting you I always loved you I just didnt know how to show I know I cant live without you and I need you"... long and short of it all is.. I love 2 men.. that both did me wrong.. but the truth is.. Ive been doing them both wrong because Im not in love with eathier of them and I feel so bad... they both tell me they are sorry for hurting me and cant live without me...but where does that leave me?? All I can do is say that IM SORRY and I love you too!!!


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