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One night I went to a party

Well here is the deal... i have been with a wonderful guy for over 9 months now.... we never ever fought and we always had the best times together and enjoyed each others company...... one night i went to a party at one of my guys friends house who i trusted and i got really drunk and didnt remember anything from the majority of the night... the next day one of my "friends" said that me and him had had sex and i was speechless i seriously had no idea..... so as soon as i found out i threw up... it made me so sick to my stomach and i knew i couldnt hide it from my boyfriend because it just want fair to the next day i went over to his house and told him...... he was devastated.... and i am devastated too... just because i know i ruined the best thing i ever had..... and i never wanted that to happen in a million years..... and i dont think he believes me that i dont remember the night..... but i am so sorry for what i did... its just weird because i dont feel like i did anything wrong because i dont remember it... the only way i know what i did is what this other guy told me..... so now i just have no idea what to do without the wonderful boyfriend i had and i just want all the pain to go away and make things better somehow


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