Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
Please take me back now this is me begging

I am so sorry for what I did, I sed it once n I'll say it twice if you want me to you shouldn't be begging me to take you back it should be me begging you. I realise the mistake I made but now it's too late because your with her & I'm alone again, thinking about you. I really wanna speak to you please give me some indication that you wanna speak to me too. I see you every day now & it's too much to take. Please take me back now this is me begging, I'll tell you straight I only finished you because 1- You lied to my mum about me
2- You were thinking of dumping me, so I heard.
Your brother talks to me & it's just too awkward even your new girlfriend says you still like me. Your girlfriend tells me your going out again but do you know she still has her ex-boyfriend on her website, ****** told me you don't even like her you like me so please just think about it. Be in touch.
Luv u always.


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