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You treated me like a Queen and I mistook you kindness for weakness

Dearest Thomas:

You treated me like a Queen and I mistook you kindness for weekness. The truth is that I never really felt good enough for you either, nor was I use to a man treating me so well.

Your friend of 15 years was as bad and lowdown as me, that's why I felt so comfortable with him. I was in lust with him and mistook it for love because I couldn't accept your love because deep down I hated myself and your friend treated me like dirt. That was how I thought I should be treated.

You told me many times that I would never find someone to love me as much as you did. You also told me that I would end up lonely and wouldn't appreciate you until I knew that it was absolutely impossible to get you back.

Now that you are gone, everything you said came true.
I guess some of us girls have to lose something forever in order to appreciate what we had.

Once I realized I could no longer manipulate you with sex to stay in Thailand with me. I couldn't believe the day you actually moved bck to America.

I'm sorry won't fix the damage I have done to you. You and I are both Buddhists even know that you are an American, and I am a Thai lady.

For the sake of bad Karma not coming back to me worse than it already has. Can you forgive the unforgivable acts and crimes I have committed against you to free my soul?

Love Always & with much regret,


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