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You are my love and a huge part of my life

Its me H., and i know i was not ready for a real relationship in the beginning and i ended up hurting you. i dont know what or how to make it up to you but i want us to be together again. The whole thing about you know who kissing me was totally wrong and stupid of me to even let myselfe get in that kind of situation and then lieing about it was even more wrong. i want to be with you and make it work!!!! you are my love and a huge part of my life!!! today is valentines and i am with out you and im devistated. i know you got me something for valentines, but if i could have one thing it would be for us to make it work. i really feel in my heart that God made us for each other. I hope you find this some day and i hope you find the feelings you used to have for me in your heart to be there again!!! Love always and forever H


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