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My wife and i just got married..

My wife and i just got married.. I am 23 and she is almost 27. I love her so much. I really didn't know how much it would hurt her.. she never explained it to me how importnt it is.. Well ok.. We moved into this house which had a video camera. One that we liked to play on together on the computer. Umm i am addicted to the cyber thing. Also.. I am not that really busy day to day.. I work from 7 am till like noon daily, and every 6 days i have duty. Which means I am committed to work 24 hours until i get off work the next day at 12 noon. OK well like a week ago she caught me red handed. She was like really torn apart. She said somehting abotu divorce.. But then w ehave reconciled. I now know that.. The cyber thing is not better then my life whom i love dearly. Ok now she has been very depressed lately. Taking medicine. She has gone to work but i guess the stress got to her which made her deficate at work. Very embarrassing for her. I am so torn apart i want her to be ok. Umm she thinks that maybe carma is doing her wrong. She had told me about her 6 year relationship she was with this man and she treated him so bad. They broke up he gave her another chance. And well she messed up again. And he was so heart broken. Umm also.. She had told herself about trusting peole and how it was very hard for her to devote and sacrifive everyhting for her and i. When she was little her father had cheated on her mother now she has a sister from another woman. The fathermade a descision to either be with the other woman or my wifes mom. He chose Of course to be with my wifes mom. So yeah i need som e help.. I need to know if i should leave her or work it out.. Ia m so worried for her.. I love her so much.. When ever i am with her i realize i almost lost the perfect thing of my life. My soul mate. I want childeren with her.. I want her to be happy..


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