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sometimes sorry has been a part of their life

Saying Sorry?

What does "saying sorry" mean? Maybe to some of us it has never been a vocabulary, to some, its a habit that all there life has been an utteration of apology. But frequently, saying sorry is showing the weakness that we have as human beings. Its true that we tend to say sorry for things that we done wrong. I know for a fact that sometimes sorry has been a part of their life. How then should we look at "saying sorry"? I believe the "saying sorry" is not really a manifestation of weakness but a manifestation of the wondrous blessing that God has given us. We have been given chances to turn to those important persons who have made a difference in our lives. It was also an opportunity to look once more within our lives that deep longing to love and be love...thus "saying sorry" is us...OUR LIFE!


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