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He got so hurt and depressed!

at first when i went out with this one guy named Benji i didnt like him as much as i do now! when we were going out he went all over with me he was always next to me! he was such a sweet heart! but some people told me he was a player that he cheated on every girl he dated but i didnt care cuz i still liked him! but after 2 or 3 weeks umm... my friend and my cuz told me he might be cheating on me! so i told my best friend to ask him for me couse i didnt want to start crying infront of his face so the next day she asked him and he got so hurt and depressed! he said he would never do that to me! and that he really loved me!
and he said that he broke up with me for not trusting him! but now i love him so much he is a gr8 guy i love him truly! now i heard he is moving in 1 week and i really want to talk to him so much but i dont know how! i really want to get back with him!





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