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We had fallen in love and both want to settle soon

We had been dating for a year. In the beginning, he showed no effort and did not seem to even want a girlfriend. Over the year, he improved and fulfilled every request and every problem I had of him not being fully into the relationship. We had fallen in love and both want to settle soon. We talked about future plans together.

But, despite of the hard work we both put into the relationship, I just dont feel as happy as I could be. I keep trying to talk myself into thinking he is "the one" for me, but my senses say otherwise. I don't feel that marriage down the short road would be beneficial if I have any doubts at this stage of the relationship. I now broke up with him out of no where because I need time to myself to absorb, but I am not certain that love alone will bring me back to him or keep us together. I feel like this is truly the right thing to do by following my heart. But because I care about him so much, I am so sorry to put him through this. He is so hurt. The time he wanted me the most, I feel like I let him down.


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