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I had honestly never cared for any one in my life

I had honestly never cared for any one in my life not even family b/c dey did me so wrong. Well den i was talking to dis girl she was straight i was gay things got complicated and hard. I was on drugs real bad and stuff and she cared enough to help me get off i mean i had friends dat tried but dey didn't mean enough to me for me to stop u no dey weren't dat important to me.well i realized i really cared for her when i realized how much me doin drugs bothered her dey did she was hurtin' and i was responsible well i couldn't do dat how could i hurt the only person dat ever cared for me and dat i had finally cared for u no it was not right so i stopped one night she took me to church wit her and dat night she told me dat it was botherin her and she wished dat i would stop i took my cigs. my pot and my 1.5's out right there and let her throw 50 dollars in da trash it was so hard to stop but she was there for me. well it got to where she had started liking me but she wasn't suppose to b gay so she treated me like sh*t sometimes. well i put up wit it b/c i new it was hard 4 her and she needed me there which she would admitt when we were making up after a by den i realized i had fell in love wit her and didn't want her to leave me whch she threanted to do all da time my friends resented her b/c no kidding at least 3 times a week i would come in to school crying and there was nothing no one could do b/c i don't trust anybody enough to let dem help me or let dem get close it's just to dangerous my friends mann dey would b sayin' mann drop her and i'd b all like naw mann i need her and i did i didn't have any1. so da day finaly came where i was fed up wit her sh*t dude fo'real i couldn't take no more hurt it was bad dude so i pushed her away wit all my might dats when she told me she loved me and didn't want me 2 leave her things were so much better for 2 days den i got scared b/c my dream girl who i had always wanted was in my life and i was happy but scared so i started treatin' her like she did me and i still am but i told her how much she means to me and how much i need her i love her and didnt mean 2 contribute 2 hr bein' gay but i did but i just want to apologize to da one and only love of my life girl f u is readin' dis u no who u r i am so sry i love u so much and i will never let u go i am sorry for bein' such a fool girl but baby i just need u to no dat i am tryin so hard 2 make dis right i love u and i don't want to hurt u cuz' i love u girl pls remeber dat and no i will never leave u and never hurt u like i did last night dat was my stupidity. I LOVE YOU can u 4 give me?
well hey my bird is sayin' ur name (inside joke wit me and my girl) and so is my heart just remeber u no everything and u are not just here but in my head heart and soul i luv u girl so pls lets never ever let go.


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