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When you consider an affair or a divorce, think again

I was married for 29 years. We were high school sweethearts. I made it work, raised two great kids. Made ends meet, to be a stay at home mom. We were never big in the communication dept. So I taught myself to be very tollerent. Well with the kids all grown up and gone, I tried to finally do something for myself. Joined a gym, wanted to meet friends, god I needed someone to take to. I felt unappreciated, unworthly of my own thoughts and feelings. I was forever told I was selfish, cold hearted, etc. We had plans to build a home in Florida, retire there, where his family lived and I was willing to do that. Till everything changed and he no longer wanted a life down there only 4 months a year. So we bought property in Florida and were going to build a 350,000 house on the intercoastal waterway and in Florida at that time it was a very nice house. But he did not want to live there ??????? why????? so I made a friend (male of course), and ended up having an affair that I was not looking for, he was. But I had no knowledge of what he wanted, I thought (stupid me) that is was friendship. Well a full blown affair turned into me leaving home. I left because I could no longer handle the guilt to stay. So, here I am embarking on two years leaving my life behind with my husband, getting divorced and it has been the most horrible thing I did. I am so sorry that I left, that I had the affair and tore apart my entire family. Nothing can ever repair the pain I have cause so many people. When you consider an affair or a divorce, think again, it might be what you think. Divorce is horrible. It makes you feel alone, depressed, just terrible. Becareful what you wish for, your wish might come true and it might not be all you anticipated it to be.


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