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In the end I've destroyed both our dreams

After 11 years, we finally have a chance to be together. I know you said you were ready then, but we were young and other people's drama got in our way. I've never stopped loving you, you are so much more than just the one who got are my first and only love. However, after you got married, I tried to move on. He destroyed my faith in love. It's been more than five years since I've let anyone close. When we saw each other again, both of us single both of us ready for more, it was providence, kizmet, fate. For the first time, I felt like taking the chance. You complete me and fill me with a peace and tranquility I've never known. But when your trip was over and you returned home to tie up lose ends before moving back so we can be together, I felt a huge distance grow between us. My hurt, fear and insecurities began to show and you didn't respond to my requests to communicate. Instead you pulled away. I became one of those women I can't stand. I'm sorry. I thought I could handle my baggage better. Instead, I lashed out at you. I did not treat you with respect and love. I've tried to apologize, I've asked you to talk this through. In the end I've destroyed both our dreams. Sometimes love isn't enough, but you will always have mine. There will always be a place for you in my life and in my heart that no one else can fill. Find joy and live in bliss mo anam cara - your happiness means more to me than my own.


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