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I love my best friend s0 much

i love my bestfriend s0 much..n0t just a friend but more than that..though he had face me all his girlfriends,8s still 0k 4 me c0z i' still hoping that he'll court me..& he dd 8 aftr a few months...we br0ke up c0z i've heard that he's cheating 0n me...8 hurts me a l0t..he ap0logized & i 4gve him..thats h0w special he is 4 me....but the pain was still killing me s0 i decided 2 let g0 0f 0ur friendship and i dd 8 in his b-day..8 was hard 4 me..he g0t mad and till n0w he d0esnt even txt me...i rily miss him...i h0pe he can 4gve me lyk wat i dd wen he dd me wr0ng..i;m s0rry..i cant live w/0ut you..:c


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