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I regret that I was a stupid, I regret that we were fools

I look back upon the years that we spent, where did the time go, where did our lives go?
I can't help but wonder if I had only been different, would it still have ended this way?
I regret that I was a stupid, I regret that we were fools, but mostly I regret that I always blamed you!
I know that love is not Perfect, and I know that love is blind, but can you ever please forgive me for forgetting our love and time?
I am sorry for eternity, I am sorry for my dumbness, but mostly I am sorry for our hearts!
The bleeding and the aching, it never fades away,
I only hope in time our hearts will never stray, bring me back my lover, and bring me back my soul.
Bring him back forever, and once again I WILL be whole


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