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I'm so sorry for playing you for a fool

I played with your heart cause i knew you cared....and not stopping for one minute to think about how you felt...and not knowing that one day you would get fed up with it...then that day came and me not being ready for it...its true you don't know how much something means to you until its seeing another boys armed wrapped around what used to be mine really hurts...but i can't complain its noone's fault but my own...i could tell you that im happy for you; but i'd be lieng to you...the worst thing happend to me that could ever happen to anyone...i realized i was in love but i realized it too late...i know no matter what i say now won't change the way you feel about me; but man girl I have to get this so sorry for playing you for a fool im sorry for never calling im sorry for not telling you i loved you everyday....but now i got everything straightend out...i've read all the poems listened to all the love songs;but nothin just relates to how i feel about you...girl it hurts me now knowing that im not the reason you smile anymore...without you by my side everything's lost its meaning everything is just dull now...when i had you i felt all i feel is that i messed up my reason for being here...could please forgive me and bring your lovin back to me...please i just wanna be your boyfriend was my first love and my only love...i don't want a second i want you to be my first and last...if you come back i'll never mess up again i promise...i have so much more to say; but i can't put it into words now...BUT COULD YOU LOOK DEEP INTO YOUR HEART AND FIND SOMEHOW TO FORGIVE I KNOW AT ONE TIME I WAS YOUR EVERYTHING AND IF ITS OKAY WITH YOU I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE THAT AGAIN.


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