Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -

Ok this is how it all started.
I had this friend named D* and I liked him alot then my friend told him and I said she could and so later that daY I was talking to him and he said that he was going to Monroe{ I live in Monroe!}. Then I went on a bike ride with a friend and when I was riding home I went past the park and there they are. They told me to come over so I did.I was standing next to him and we started talking then he pushed me on the swings and so flirting with me then we went on the marry-go-round and then we went to the pinic tables and we talked and had arm wrestles with him,me ,and other people.That night when he was at a party and they came to my house and I was sleeping and they woke me up and I snoke out and we played hide-and-seek.THe next day I went to my friend A* which they are brother and sisters.SO I was there and when my mom dropped me off we went to tthe park and talked and we swinged on the swings, after that we went inside and got somthing to drink he poured my drink,then we went upstairs to play video games,play house {lol} he was the dad I was the kid and ALison was the mom and he was trying to feed me water,after that we play Scene It we won because he memorized all the answers, then A* figured out we like each other. Then we watched movies all night. He got really clse to me and I thought it weas kinda weird because I didnt know he liked me but thank god he did. Then during the end of the movie we held hands! When his sister went to the bathroom we sat =up and danced and play Ring-Around-The-Rosie.Whenb his siser went to sleep we made out we watched another movie.The next day things all went wrong I got in troule from my parents and he broke up with me.Then I told Zach{who use to be my friend} and he told everyone at school. Now D* hates me his mom called my mom but I didn't get in trouble now we don't talk and yea.

All I have to say is that I'm really sorry D*!!!! I love you so much!


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