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I met a man online, we talked for a year and finally met in person, I am married, he is married

I met a man online, we talked for a year and finally met in person, I am married, he is married. We just had some drinks and talked and kissed. For most of the next year, we talked about meeting again. We did so last spring. the day was awesome and we talked and talked about meeting again. Then he changed jobs going from PA to NJ and gave me his school email address. The last email I got from him was in June. I went to his hometown in July and called him, he said it was ok that I called and said he would call me back. he said he hadn't read his emails in awhile, saying he didn't get the emails I sent him or the ecard for his birthday.He told me would call me back, but didn't. I called him and got his voice mail. I asked him ,no begged him to call me back. He didn't :(. I waited and waited to hear from him and finally after dealing with this alone went to my best friend. When I told her the story she said no wonder, he is feeling guilty and doesn't want to talk to you. I never thought of that and never felt after our day and the emails that he did. I called him last week, late one night to say I was sorry and I hope he was ok and that if he had just told me he didn't like being with me I would have some closure on this and how I was struggling with this thinking he might email me and just say that but he hasn't and I am really struggling with this whole thing. I cry almost every day on the way to work and right now am not dealing very well with this but I wanted to write this and tell "R" that I am sorry. I wish I had never met you in person and maybe then I would still have you to talk to and have you in my life as my friend. I truely miss you and will never forget you. You know they say don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened but right now, I can't do that and hope that in time I will start to deal with this. I am sorry for what happened and what you are going through and just know that is you ever need to talk, I am here for you ok?


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