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I'm sorry I took you back last time

I'm sorry I took you back last time...Because now I realize that you only wanted me to take you back so that you can start an argument with me...Blame me for the argument and when you make me upset, you knew I would hang up on you...As soon as I hung up...You broke up with me...

Now when I think about what you said when you were trying to get me back before, "This isn't how I wanted it to end," it makes sense...Because you wanted it to end with me being the one tearing up inside. I sooooo shouldn't have taken you back after you left those messages on my phone telling me to die and rot in hell...I'm such an idiot for taking you back!

You are a terrible girlfriend...Selfish and wreckless with words...I deserve so much better. I literally gave everything I could to you and this is how you break it off with me...One year and a half of my life with you and you break up with me in a voice message???

You weren't worth my time, money and love. In fact, you wasted a whole year and a half of my life...That's time I'll never get back...and you just took it from me.

Sorry everyone...This isn't the apology you're thinking of...I feel a little bit better...Boy am I in for the long haul...I want to get over this girl ASAP...


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