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I just knew I wanted to meet you

From the moment I saw your profile online there was something that intrested me about you. Maybe it was your go get it attuide about life, maybe it was your sincerity, I just can't put my finger on what it was, but something just clicked.

The first e-mail I ever recived from you was like nothing I'd had before, it was genuine, it was funny, and I just knew I wanted to meet you.

Your first phone call to me, you were late and drunk and I wanted to be angry at you, but the sweetness in your voice and your apoligy, I just couldn't hold it aginst you.

We talked for hours after that learning everything about each other and counting down until I left to come see you start my biggest adventure.

You were always my sometimes vocal sometimes quiet supporter, you called me your butterfly and who you'd hold me but not too tight so I still had room to fly. You were always there for me offering advice, help and support and you never got angry even when I didn't take it.

When I steped off the plane, I had to wait for over a hour it was the longest hour of my life, knowing you were there just a few hundred meters away, but I couldn't see you. When I did wow, you were just who you said you were, and ever the gentleman.

We talked all the way back to where you were staying, about cultral differences, about numberplates, my flight, it was like I'd known you forever. I knew then I had made the best disition of my life, agaist all others wishes I'd gone ahead and I never regret that.

Our relationship it had its highs and lows, we had our dissagreements, and ajustments, but we never held anything agaist each other. We were above all else friends, and we enjoyed each others company. I'll never forget the night you took me to see the Sydney lights and we kissed.

We had such a wonderful year, words will never do it justice, it was truely magical. My one regret was that I came home, my place was with you through thick and thin, not here.

When I came back I became a person I didn't like and didn't know, I was bitter and angry, not at you never at you, just at being away from you. I behaved badly, and well I still do, you plead for my friendship and I only ask for more. I don't really understand where our relationship broke down, and I doubt I'll ever really know. I'm working on improving myself, so I can be just your friend. Though I won't ever lose that hope that one day we'll spend the rest of our lifes together.

I'll respect your wishes and your needs, and I'm sorry for pushing you. I've made alot of mistakes in my life, and this is my biggest. I have no excuse not really for some of the things I've said and done, and nothing can ever take them back.

I've always been honest with you, but I need to learn that sometimes it isn't always apropriate to say what you feel. Sometimes you have to way up the consiquences of doing so, I'm going to have to learn that some feelings are better left to myself.

I wish I could tell you this all face to face, but I think I've lost that chance, I know you'll never read this it's again something unappripriate for me to say, but I think deep down you know how sorry I am.

I hope one day you'll truely forgive me for all I've said and done, and that I'll be truely happy with just being your freind.


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