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I got pregnant after fourteen years of not being able to

I met a man that I feel for very fast I prayed to God ask him is this theone? if not take him out of my life and spare us both the hurt. he remained in my life and I got pregnate after fourteen years of not being able to get that way. my question became apartent this was the one my soul mate besrfriend my everything. we made plans of getting married moving in together building a future together. we never had a fight we were so perfect together i loved his family as much as he loved mine. we went to our first OB appointment and found out the most horrifing thing that any couple could hear that we had lost our baby. fear anxity anger hurt all that you could imagine set in. I had a hundred questions running through my head whats going to happen to us are we still moving in together? are we still getting married? are we going to try to have another baby? in A panic I started asking him all of these questions it was to much for him to handle at that time. he left he ran the only way he knew how to deal with this. he lost his nine year old son just three years ago I feel like this has brought it all back to him. when he walked out on me all I could think about is how could you leave me this way. we got in a huge fight I screamed cried said many things I didnt mean all out of hurt fear and anger. Ive tried so hard to talk to him but we are both not in the right frame of mind to handle this with or without eachother. he says hes not good under pressure and Im pressuring him he cant even tell me he loves me at this point he doesnt know what he wants he needs time. I dont understand I know my love for this man is so strong not even this could pull us apart but I guess it has. he told me he would call me later that night and I havent heard a word from him in two days. Im giving him his space I respect that in some ways I just dont understand why he has shut me completely out of his life and how could he. is it because I lost te baby? is it that it is just to hard for him to deal with the issue of losing another child? or did I run him off with my questions and pressuring him to much?


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