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Then you left me after almost eight years from the time that I met you

Well Let me start off by telling you I am sorry, If you ever come across this you know that it is meant just for you. I met you when eight months before I got out of a bad relationship. I wasn't the type of person to show affection in public and in front of family members but now I know how that can affect a relationship so deeply. I made you feel like nothing important to me when I know I would have given you the world, you cheated on me several times and I took you back only to be hurt again. Then you left me after almost eight years from the time that I met you. You told me you left because I didn't do enough for you but how could I..not knowing if you only were mine? You told me you got to the point where you tryed to hug me everytime you came in the house at 2 or 3 in the morning and that I just pushed you away, but again how could I let you touch me not knowing where you were the hours before you came home. You told me that when the week before you left me, when you would have sex with me or lay down to sleep that you felt like you couldn't take your clothes off in front of me because you felt like I disgusted you. I have love you for who you are not what you look like you know that you met me weighing 110 or so and that you have always weighed 250 to 275 and I loved all of you, and we have proof of our love for each other our planned beautiful children all 3 girls of ours! I am sorry that I lead you to believe that you were never nothing to me but you have to understand I wanted to get somewhere in life and be sombody that you and my children would be proud of someday, and You couldn't stand that fact that I was trying to take control and lead an independant life in case something ever happened I would know that I could do it on my own and I wouldn't have to depend on having a relationship just to feel complete but without you I am incomplete you completed everything in my life regardless of the ups and downs that we had,...I still love you deeply!


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