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thank you for your beauty, kindness and your amazing blue eyes and your beautiful smile

I just would like to say sorry to my ex girlfriend for cheating on her. I feel very bad about this and I dont know if she knew i was cheating on her but she was suspicious.We had a long distance relationship. She really meant so much to me and we really had something very special and wonderful. I never felt so happy in my life.
She finished with me because she wanted to be free and independent and also cos she thought i was with someone at a party and I wasnt.
Ive sent her many letters saying I am sorry but shes told me she doesnt love me anymore and to forget her. So I have to accept that and get on with my life.
Its been 2 years since its been over but I still hurt very much and have been down from this and I even overdosed as I couldnt bear life without her.
I really love her even now and I recently sent her a letter over 2 weeks ago saying I wanted to visit her but no reply yet.
We really were great together and she really cared and loved me and I partly screwed it up by hurting her and losing her trust in me.
If we do get back together I would do my utmost to love and care for her.
And if not then I wont make the same mistakes next time.
Ive had some chances to be with other girls but Im not really so interested but soon Ill find someone else and Ill do my best to love and care for her.
I really miss my ex and the loving feeling we had together.
It really was amazing and again I am sorry babe.
thank you for your beauty, kindness and your amazing blue eyes and your beautiful smile which really lit up my life. But now I look forward and upward.


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