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I shouldn't have lied and make u, believe I was saying was true

U prolly don't wanna be hearin this right now but it is the right thing for me to do... First of all I wanna brave up and tell u that what I did was not only wrong, but also cruel. I knew I shoulda been a straight out and told u that I had a boyfriend instead of assuming that u knew. I jus wanna let u know that I am truly sorry for any pain that I may have caused for u.. the way I went about things was outright disrespectful and something that was unforgiving... I shouldn't have lied and make u, believe I was saying was true.. .. When truth was I was lying and doing things i shouldn't have.... I apoligize I hope u could put your pride aside like i'm doin and forget thangs cuz we all make big mistakes!!! I'm writing this to u jus to let u kno da truth bout things... U don't have to forgive or anything but this has been on my mind for awhile now and i'm finding da courage to let it go... Don't get me wrong.. But I felt really bad for a while, realizing da cruelty of my actions.. I kno I woulda been upset for the longest time if someone did that to me...I wish the best for you and everything you do...Keep your head up and don't let nobody bring you down because you are a strong guy..Always kee your eyes open and don't miss out the good things in front of your face....


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