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I lUv yOoh nD i miSs yOoh sOo mUch~*~

Please Take Me Back.~*~i love you so much and i miss you~*~

wen i first went out wid diz guy..he was mah first tru luv....i neva felt like dis wid newun b4...he would always try to cheer me up by making me laugh...(which worked)...i thot dat maybee we would last for a reallie long time...but i guess it didnt....people been telling me dat hes wid sumwun else but i dint belive dem...cuhz wen i asked him...he told mee dat he would neva du dat to hurt me...(nd i belived him den)...we went out for 8 months....which seemed pretty longer than that....i feel like i kant be wid anyone else otha than yOoh....u treat me like i was da wun for yoOh..u always told me dat u luv me..nd will always...i always said it bacc...but wen people keep telling us al these first i figured they were trien to break us up...but den i got tired of it...i couldnt take it no i had to break up wid u...nd im sorrie for reallie sorrie...i just wish dat i could jus take u bacC where u always hold mee tight into ur arms again like u used toOh always du toOh keep me warm...(da momemt dat i eva met chu was da best thing dat happened....u were mah first bf that eva made me felt this way about yOoh)...i would du anything to have u bak wid mee...if u are reading really really truly sorrie dat i ever hurt u j*...~*~I lUv yOoh nD i miSs yOoh sOo mUch~*~


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