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I truly an Sorry And maybe one day you will be able to trust me again

I Had a Boyfriend named Domenic we were together for awhile I really thought I loved him Then I was Coming back From a visit from a visit with a family member and I met up with one of his Boys on The ride back On the bus And he Started telling me that Domenic Cheated on me With this girl I was so mad that he did that so To get Back at him I cheated on him. And now where not together because he found out what I did and I feel so bad because the truth is he never really did cheat on me because when he did what he did with that girl we weren't even together. I ended out finding that out after he broke up with me and now I just wish I could make him see how sorry I am and how much I really do need him in my life. I made a big mistake that I can never take back I love him so much I just want him too know how sorry I truly am and even though you may not still love me I want you to know that If I could I would rewind the hands of time and take back what I did that way yuo would still be mine Because I truly an Sorry And maybe one day you will be able to trust me again And even though you may not love me any more I want you to know thatI still Love you


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