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Let me have my chance to give us another try

I've lost someone so dear to me words cannot explain. My feelings run so deep it touches my soul. It hurts so deep inside I believe my heart truly is in a million pieces. Its no ones fault only my own. I never ment to do the things I've done. Tried my hardest to show my love. I tried so hard that I messed it up so beautifully. When all I had to say was "I love the way you put your shirts on." or "I love the way you make me want to be great". My love you have inspired me with your big dreams and great passion for music. You are the happiness, light, and joy in my life. I could never love someone the way I love you. Never feel the way I feel about you w/ any other. The thought of you in love with some else drags me to my lowest point knowing that it isnt me. I've tried to move on, but failed miserably. The only one I can see is you. I've never spilled so many tears. I believed we had something so little people find. I cannot think of you without missing you so much. Can't think about you without thinking how much I love you and the things you do. Cannot see my life without you. I want so much to be your friend, but I want you as my companion as well. I want to be the one you grow old with. The one you share things with. The one you kiss and hold. I dont want to ruin what we have left. I just want to kiss you and hug you when I see you. I want the world to know I how much I love you. All I am asking is. . . You gave me your chance to start us over when you asked me to be your gf. I was stupid to act the way I did and ruin my chance. Now I'm asking you, if you cant forget and forgive anything else in your whole life time. . . .please forgive me for acting like a complete fool with everything I have ever said or done. For acting so stupid. Let me have my chance to give us another try. I know it will be a lot different then before. For the better. I love you completely. Just one last thing to ask you. . . . . . . .


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