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she moves out then my roomate moves out and they have been seeing each other

Well make a long story short fell in love with my nebor she liked me for years but i thought she was too young for me untill about a year and a half ago. we stared dating and it was awsome loved being around her her family everthang about her. I went to school for 2 weeks all the way across the us and we talked every night. came back she broke up with me three days latter cause she said i fell out of love. a week latter she calls me saying she was sorry and know she wantwed to be with me. so i took her back anaher guy was invloved by the way nothing serous i thank. any ways so we decided to get a house togeather well all was great then we got over the newnes. she left and started dating a frird of mine for about two mounths then he brock it off with her so she calls me and tells me to go see her. so i do we get back togeher about two weeks later and its great well i got a roomate while she was gone to help with the rent and stuff he was a good friend of mine. then about a mounth ago i started feeling she was fooling around on me. she swars shes not and says she loves me and everthaing well thangs get very bad. we start fighting all the time she says i dont trust her and stuff so we brack up agin. she moves out then my roomate moves out and the7y hve been seeing eachother senice she swars that she left cause i was not trusting her but i thank something else whats you guys openont i can give more detalies if ya ask.


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