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Let me truly show you how much I love you

hi s*, is me e*, from school. listen im realy sorry about what has been happening between us in the past couple of days. i dont know what is going to happen between us. i really don't want to lose you. you know how much i love you. im really sorry about the way i haven't been paying attention to you these days, but i've been really stressed out and i've wanted to be with you, but i haven't been able to because i dont know the reaction you will show me the time i'm going to take the bold step and give you a kiss on your beautiful lips, hold you in my arms, and keep on saying to you that i truly love you with all my heart and that i will do anything to be with you. please sasha, dont let me take the stupid step of losing you forever, because you really dont know how miserable i'm going to be without your love. please s*, let me truly show you how much i love you.


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