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I need her back

well we have been goin otu for 5 months and at first it was all good but then i felt like she likes someone and that someone i knew... i have been telling her if she does have feelings for him and she keeps saying no but sopmthing still inside me is telling me that she does have feelings for him. Well one day i have found out that she did have feeligns for him... but shes telling me that it wasnt even feeligns it was just a tought.. and i tought to my myself maybe i would just give her a second chance... And so i did well one month later these thoughts about my girlfriend having feelings for this guy came back and i told all her friends for theor opionion about her having feelings and they all said shes doesnt.. well one day i found a note sayin shes having these feelings back for him... so thats the day when she deceided to have a break because she thinks she hurts me too much which is true but i didnt want a break cause i didnt want to seprate. well 2 weeks past and she decided to be TOGERTHER but not go out.. i agree with her but then the next day i did not like it at all so i called her sayin give me a second chance to be your boyfriend and shes said no cause i dont feel liek having a boyfriend which i understand... but now my life have went downhill...i need her BACK!!! i really DO!!!!


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