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I tried to fool myself

i have two people to say i'm sorry to, but mostly to my self, for the last 7 years i have loved a man and for the last almost 5 yrs we have been apart. these have been the worst times in my life. not only in my head in my heart and in life it self. i tryed to fool my self (this is were my apolgy to my self comes in)and fall in love with his best freind. almost 5yrs later-don't love friend-truly madly deeply in love w/ ex and hate my self for putting my self through this. i'm sorry. not includeing the men in my life. now look if i would of said i'm sorry to my ex and we CAN work are big problem out. I would be married, with children have some schooling and be happy. but no. 3 lifes are screwed because i didn't say i'm sorry.
so if by chance my ex falls apons this- BABY PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I'M SORRY FOR EVERTHING. please let me love you agian give me heart to meand and i will forever make you happy. my love forever and always, me


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