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I Will Survive Music

Music is SO key to any situation. Just try watching a movie with the sound off, and compare that to the movie with the music in the background. It affects you in ways you can't even imagine. We're all trained to respond to different sorts of music with different emotions.

Choose songs in this selection that speak to your own situation, that touch your heart.

I Love Myself Today - Bif Naked
You left me like a broken doll
In pieces as I took the fall
for you, you dumb chump!
You left me free-falling like space junk
Burning up in the atmosphere of life
Well I sound like a philosopher
but I'm a fool who's off her rocker
'Cause I let you in my heart that one last time

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
At first I was afraid.
I was petrified.
I kept thinking I could never live
Without you by my side.
But then I spent so many nights
Just thinking how you'd done me wrong.
I grew strong.
I learned how to get along.

Don't Bring Me Down- ELO
You got me running, going out of my mind. You got me thinking that I'm wasting my time.
Don't bring me down ... no, no, no
I'll tell you once more, before I get off the floor, don't bring me down.

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
Baby you'll come knocking on
my front door
Same old line you used to use before
I said ya...well...
what am I supposed to do
I didn't know what I was getting into

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