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That kiss must have lasted a lifetime for anyone else, but it couldn't have lasted long enough for me.

This year was really rocky for me in the love department. talk about finding love in (most) wrong places... I'm so glad i stuck it out though, because i'm totally happy, and i'm in love with my beautiful Baby Girl.

Me n my baby girl have been out before, but she had some issues with security that eventually caused us to break up last time... and believe me, i was pretty shattered. I'm the type of person who commits 110% to a relationship, so if it turns sour, it really hurts.

Anyways, i got a call from her one week asking if i wanna go down south for a trip, y'know just for fun, so i thought, "yeah why not? I haven't seen her in ages... i really miss her..." so i said it sounds awesome and that i'll totally be there. we had our usual mate to mate conversation, but as she hung up, she finished with "goodnight babe, can't wait to see ya again."

With that one line, all the possibilities opened up again. Over the next few days we started msging each other, until one day i asked her if we could go catch up at the shops. "no, that's ok, i'll come round yours, we'll be able to talk more there" she told me on the phone, and within 15 minutes she was on my doorstep.

When i opened the door, my heart must have skipped a beat. She looked so beautiful, more than i remember, i hadn't seen her in almost 5 months and she was even more attractive than before. She looked at me, and i stared into her bright baby blues, and that was all it needed. I took her in my arms, and kissed her. That kiss must have lasted a lifetime for anyone else, but it couldn't have lasted long enough for me.

we've been going out for 5 months now, and i'm more in love with my baby girl than ever, and she still waits by the phone for my call each night.

I love you babe.


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