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My Life isn’t complete…….without her!

Even though she never likes me… (Maybe for what I am), I love her more than anything! I just wanna spend my whole life with her; have a nice life and all… BUT I think FRIENDS is the only limit for me and her. I keep thinking, imagining and dreaming of someday, I’ll hold her hand… Walk under the nice calm night… and maybe at the end of the night, I could get my first and true love’s KISS. BUT *poof* it’s all gone! Because friendship is only the limit…What a bummer! I can only think of someday, I’ll hold her hand tight… pick-out something in my pocket, and ask her hand in marriage… BUT like a bubble, it POPS!!!

Whenever she’s there standing, smiling, laughing and having her cute giggles… The only thing in my mind is… “That’s her! The girl I really love… I love more than myself. The girl that I know I will ask her hand for marriage…” never doubt in loving her… BUT *snap*… just like that it disappears…

I remember the time, the time I fell in love with this princess… Let me tell you the story… She doesn’t even know how to commute… Then there was the knight in rusty armor… TO THE RESCUE… grab her and make our way home… THEN THAT WAS THE TIME I FELL IN KVE WITH HER… but I have feelings for her before that incident!!! PROMISE!!!

But enough about blabbing… The only thing I can say is “MY LIFE ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU… My CUCHU (the name I commonly call her)… MY TRUELOVE!!! MY GHEA… MY PRINCESS!!! …

I wish someday………

My dream would COME TRUE…..

WITH YOU… no one else…



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