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Well. this story is sorta still in the making.
I met this guy when I was in seventh grade, he was in eighth. My one friend thought he was all that and a bag of chips. He didn't want anything to do with her! He is a real hick, and I like that. So, this year I am in ninth grade and I decided to go to a technical school. Little did I know he went here. Well, on my bus I used to sit with my Friend who is a real jerk(whole other story). Anyway she doesnt sit with me anymore so He started to. He would talk about how I'm a hick and stuff like that, and how he was looking for that unique hick girl. He'd always say and hint towards what I thought was going out. Well, I could never find the nerve to ask him out. THe one day I asked him,"so when are you going to ask her out." He was totally clueless. He asked wwho and I said that unique hick girl you are always talking about. He said that he really likes me but he wants me to be 16 because he is like 2or 3 years older than me. I am crushed. But I know he really likes me because he is telling all his friends and he told me today(march20)>>>>>I cant wait until your Birthday(December9).


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