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i promise one day you will wake up and it will hurt less then yesterday

all i have to say is first loves are one of the biggest things you will ever go through. they come without warning and before you know it they are gone. you suddenly don't have a say in who you love because your heart is no longer your own. and when it all ends you feel the whole world had shattered you heart. and as much a you don't want to hear it time and ONLY time will heal your heart. you have to feel all the pain as much as you don't want to. you will cry until there arn't any more tears left to cry. you will be willing to do anything to get it back. but in the end they are your first love for this reason. so you know what love feels like,tastes like, sounds like, and looks like. because if you didn't not know these things you would surly miss it when it was true love. i know your pain and all the tears. i promise one day you will wake up and it will hurt less then yesterday.


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