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A Walk To Remember
Mandy Moore in her only good movie to date, stars opposite Shane West in this ...
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An Officer and a Gentleman
Love is never smooth, and this movie shows it. A pair of women connive to hook ...
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Keira Knightley,s best movie ... ...
Read Full Tip for Atonement

Baby Boy
the movie is about a man who has 2 baby mama's n falls in love with one of em ...
Read Full Tip for Baby Boy

Whitney Houston is the prima donna singer, and Kevin Costner is the skilled ...
Read Full Tip for Bodyguard

Brokebacl Mountain
It was sad, but really good despite the fact it was about two gay cowboys. Love ...
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A single mom moves into a quiet town and stirs things up with her luxurious ...
Read Full Tip for Chocolat

City of Angels
Meg Ryan is so wonderful as a caring doctor that an angel falls in love with ...
Read Full Tip for City of Angels

This film will make you cry but leave u ...
Read Full Tip for Crazy/beautful

dear john
love story between military guy (john) and girl (savannah) saddest film i,ve ...
Read Full Tip for dear john

dear john
a story about a army man who falls deeply in love with his summerlove. very ...
Read Full Tip for dear john

Dirty Dancing
The classic coming of age story has the teenage Jennifer Grey falling in love ...
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Eyes Wide Shut
This movie was a sensation because the main characters were married in real ...
Read Full Tip for Eyes Wide Shut

This incredibly moving tale stars Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as lovers. ...
Read Full Tip for Ghost

If Only
It,s about a man whose wife gets killed, but somehow he gets a new chance to ...
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Story concerns a 17-year-old who thinks she's got it all figured out until she ...
Read Full Tip for Keith

Love In The Time Of Cholera
F ...
Read Full Tip for Love In The Time Of Cholera

Love me if you dare
An amazing, but random french movie about how two children grow up and fall in ...
Read Full Tip for Love me if you dare

loving annabelle
Annabelle is the wise-beyond-her-years newcomer to an exclusive Catholic girls ...
Read Full Tip for loving annabelle

Meet Joe Black
A woman's movie and a man's movie. A love story but a drama that every man will ...
Read Full Tip for Meet Joe Black

Message in a Bottle
He's mourning his first wife and tosses out messages in bottles. She finds them ...
Read Full Tip for Message in a Bottle

Monsters Ball
He's a prison guard who put her husband into the electric chair. Somehow the ...
Read Full Tip for Monsters Ball

P.S I love You
Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler play a married couple, he dies of cancer all of ...
Read Full Tip for P.S I love You

Pearl Harbor
A woman falls in love with a airpilot then when they think his plane was shot ...
Read Full Tip for Pearl Harbor

Pride and Prejudice
Such a wonderful story of love conquering ...
Read Full Tip for Pride and Prejudice

Proof of Life
Meg Ryan stars as the wife of a man stolen away as a hostage in South America. ...
Read Full Tip for Proof of Life

Russia House
Sean Connery is just an old publisher, but he's drawn into international ...
Read Full Tip for Russia House

Its a love story within a dramatic action flcik..but the love seen is so ...
Read Full Tip for Terminator

The Big Easy
Set in the Cajun culture of Louisiana, the Big Easy starred Dennis Quaid and ...
Read Full Tip for The Big Easy

The Fabulous Baker Boys
Michelle Pfeiffer is seductive as a singer with a pair of piano players. The ...
Read Full Tip for The Fabulous Baker Boys

The Note Book
I saw it just the other night and I though it was so beautiful. Such a sad but ...
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The Notebook
Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. This movie is a wonderful story about ...
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the painted vail
A goldenglobe winner movie best lovestory ever... you have to see ...
Read Full Tip for the painted vail

The princess and the marine
An amazing true story about an arabian muslim princess Who falls in love with ...
Read Full Tip for The princess and the marine

The Princess and the Warrior
Franka Potente is a woman who is almost killed, but a man happens by and saves ...
Read Full Tip for The Princess and the Warrior

The Titanic
A story about two people who meet on the ship, the Titanic and fall in ...
Read Full Tip for The Titanic

The Town
Amazing, a bank robber stalks his ex-hostage to see whether she knows anything ...
Read Full Tip for The Town

Twilight sagas!
Good first kiss ...
Read Full Tip for Twilight sagas!

Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis are brilliant in this story of crossed ...
Read Full Tip for Witness

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