Thou open the windows of my heart

Ere in thy eyes i could see myself'
I didn,t perceive thy golden heart'
My delight was folded-and put on the shelf.
To thee my Queen,i bow and take off my hat.
Even if in my words,love,i can,t prove,
,though thy smile open the buds of my joy.
Thine(thy picture)in my mind i can,t remove'
Thou remind of me my dear doll i bought for u as a young boy
Not a minute can i cease to think of thee,
As thou,re the wavelength n i the amplitude of the same wave
O, my mirror,sans thee,myself i can,t see.
Sans our internal connection,how shall i be brave!
I wish(thou n I),d be plugged on the same mains,
As thou open the windows of my heart n brain.