If you really love someone and you want them back?

together for 5 years.. and we broke up and it was a really bad break up.. something I would NEVER want to go through again.. The thing is we were broken up for a year, and if you leave it and decide to move on go forward and experience new territory but never fully cleared your promblems or were over them.. you will still be in the same situation a year later... I Went out and in that time i met two other people who became my boyfriend, it wasnt untill I was with my second boyfriend i realize I was still madly inlove with my Ex and i know i had to fight to get him back, after we had such a bad break up!! Im still in the process of getting him back into my life again forever.. but i have already gotten so far.. It is when your with someone else that you truly realize that you have to be with the one you still love!