Secret Word

This Game is for couples who arn't shy. But could be played with select # of people.

To start the game, you and your partner must decide upon a 'code word' (or words). For the duration of the game, whenever someone says that word, you and your partner must kiss.

For best results, pick a word that will be used somewhat often, but not every sentence. "And", "If", etc. are bad words, because they are used way too often! Depending on what you are doing, the word could be related to your activity. For example, if you are going bowling, the word could be "strike" , "spare" , or even "rented shoes".

Part of the fun of the game is to not let other people know what you are up to. Let them wonder why you are randomly kissing for no (obvious) reason!

<>My Boyfriend loved this, he thought is was so cool that I would want to kiss infront of all his/my friends. And that I actually made a game of it... This game is really fun, you end up laughing a lot, due to your freinds exchanging weird glances every time you kiss. Funny.