Making Her Like Me

A lot of people ask, "How do I make her (or him) like me?" The answer is, you can´t. You can never make someone else like you, and really, if someone is only with you because they´re forced to, that´s not a relationship that will last. If someone's tricked into being with you, they'll bolt as soon as they can, and you'll be left alone. It's not worth it.

If someone *wants* to be with you, it´s because you´re fun to be with. People like to be happy, to have fun, to feel good about themselves. Find out what your loved one enjoys, and learn more about it. Offer to do the things he or she likes doing. Go to a movie. Go walking on the beach. Listen to music.

You´ll find that if you have fun together, and your time together is always enjoyable, that the rest will happen naturally.