Beware the Rebound

Itīs hard to avoid the rebound. You break up with someone and youīre miserable. You meet someone new, and the rush of hormones and excitement make you feel THIS PERSON is the ultimate person, they understand you so much better than your ex, they fit you so much better than your ex.

This is most likely not true. Every new relationship tends to feel like a wonderful thing - biology and nature do this on purpose. You probably felt that way with your ex, as hard as it is to remember that now. After time wears on, the feelings naturally fade into something more reasonable.

Thatīs not to say this new person *isnīt* who you can spend the rest of your life with. You should, however, realize that the rebound syndrome is a strong factor, and give the relationship lots of time before you make any lasting decisions. After all, your real soulmate could be a week or two away, and if youīve now settled with this person because of rebounditis, you will never have the chance to find that out.