hope ya like it

roses are red
vilots are too
my boyfriend is so special to me
wut i wud do w/o you too

i love you like a sis
u have no idea
u r alwayz there 4 me
just like we r family

u make me laugh
even when i am crying
u wipe my tears away
with that big smile

ilove you girl
u have no idea
how much i love you
and if u wud of died

i would of cried
i would of cried myself to sleep every single nite
i wud think of you and me
and think of you and me

all the good times we had
even all of the bad things too
but every time i though of you
i would never get blue

im gunna end this rite now
i just wanted to let you know
that i LOVE you gurl
and you and me are best friends forever