Another guy's story...

My girl of 7 years decided to tell me for about 6 months how
awful our relationship was (in more ways than one). So I
couldn,t figure out what I was doing so wrong. I tried my best
to change my assholeish tendancies,unable to think of a reason
for all the fighting that I for once wasn,t responsable for.
Well... I had asked her not to hang out with one of her co-
workers,this was after she had previously told me about 2 other
Guys she had flirted with and was caught, because they (the
third Guy) had gone to lunch one day and talked about dating.
Well. Shortly she started talking to him again and lying to
Me about it. Behind my back they became best friends and
Eventually the fighting led to a break-up because I didn,t
Want her to feel our relationship was a burden. She slept with
Him the next day... She continued to lie untill she was cought.
She told me everything after that. As far as I know,it only
Happened the one time and now I hate her for it. I,m still too
Insecure and afraid to leave her though. Damn this!